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What Tool do You Absolutely Hate to Use?

What Tool do You Absolutely Hate to Use?

I’m sure you’ve all got a favorite tool that you relish the opportunity to reach for whenever the job requires. It’s a subject we love to cover here at Jalopnik with our assortment of wrenching posts and Cool Tool blogs. But what about the opposite? Is there a tool that, whenever the thought of its existence pops into your mind, you’re instantly filled with dread? That’s what we want to hear about today.

There are a few reasons you might have a burning hatred of a particular mechanic’s implement. Maybe the ergonomics are all off, like a screwdriver I own that is impossible to get proper purchase on thanks to its badly-shaped grip. Hours spent twisting your hand around a screw that won’t budge isn’t my idea of fun.

Alternatively, it might be something that’s infuriating to manage whenever you get it out your tool box. Maybe its workings are haphazard and it feels like it could spring loose at any moment, causing more damage than it’s worth.

Or there could also be those tools that you loathe using because it means you’ve really messed something up. The kind of devices that gets called on to fix the worst automotive atrocities, and you’re aware of your shortcomings as a mechanic whenever you reach for it.

So, what tools do you have stashed away in your garage or shed that you absolutely hate to use? Head to the comments section below and let us know your picks. We’ll round up a whole selection of awful appliances in a slideshow tomorrow.


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